Pop Festival 1969 brings back a faithful recreation of EIGHT of the biggest acts to grace the stages in 1969. We have created the exact sound and look of the Artist, to bring back memories of the Biggest Year in LIVE Music History. The Year that soundtracked your life!

Audiences will be treated to the FIRST musical concert and interactive tribute show to The Woodstock Generation, featuring Pop Festival defining hits of 1969 including Light My Fire, With A Little Help From My Friends, Somebody To Love, Piece Of My Heart, Fortunate Son, Free Man In Paris, Brown Sugar, Purple Haze, & (Can’t Get No) Satisfaction. Audience interaction and nostalgia is the theme of the Show, and they will get it right from the opening number with a sing-a-long version of Mary Hopkins NUMBER ONE HIT, “Those Were The Days.”

Bringing the all look and sound alike legends to life is an incredibly talented cast led by Ms. Cathy Richardson as both Grace Slick and Janis Joplin. Cathy has been touring the last EIGHT years AS Grace Slick with the ACTUAL Jefferson Airplane/Jefferson Starship. In addition, she played the lead in the hit Off-Broadway Show, Love Janis (at the Village Theatre, New York City, opened April 10, 2001) along with several regional productions of the Show including the Marines Memorial Theater in San Francisco. In addition to Cathy, Mr. Dave Brock plays the role of The Doors’ Jim Morrison, a role he has been playing for the last FIVE years on tour with ORIGINAL Doors members Ray Manzarek and Robby Kreiger. Both Ms. Richardson and Mr. Brock have toured the World to standing ovations, because their look, sound and recreation of the Artist they are portraying is so very close to the original.

Producer Rick Kanfer said that “writing and producing this show has been a dream of his ever since he saw the movie “Woodstock” four times in a row in April of 1970!” “My background from managing Mr. Johnny Seaton, star of the National Tour of the 1989 hit, Elvis A Musical Celebration, to running all the Limited Engagement Shows for the World Famous Las Vegas hit Show, Legends In Concert in the mid-90’s, to General Managing the recent tour of The Rat Pack is Back, have prepared me well for this Show. I have never seen a more realistic and talented cast than what we are presenting in Pop Festival 1969. It is truly like being transported back to the most amazing time in Rock Music History!”

Mr. Kanfer went on to say that “we will have other interactive parts of the play including passing out mini-American flags to the audience for Jimi Hendrix’ version of the Star Spangled Banner, which will be a highlight of our show since Jimi only performed the song LIVE on two occasions, at the Woodstock and Atlanta Festivals in 1969.”

Ushers at all Shows will be costumed by the Producer in 60’s garb including headbands, peace sign jewelry, and Lennon sunglasses, and encouraged to flash the peace sign as guests arrive!


In 1969, there were THIRTEEN (13) ‘ULTRA” Pop Festivals that played in the United States (more than 25 total Festivals that year). The music of these Pop Festivals electrified a generation, and promised a better world. Pop festivals took on a unique identity and attracted significant media attention around the World. In their dawning age, pop festivals were important socio-cultural milestones: It would not be an exaggeration to say that, over a few short years, pop festivals played a unique, significant – and underappreciated – role in fueling the countercultural shift that swept not only America but many other countries during the late 60’s. It seems fitting that one of the most enduring labels for the entire generation was derived from a Pop Festival: The Woodstock Generation.

ONE-HUNDRED SIXTY (160) Acts played at these giant festivals in 1969, from the five HUGE San Francisco Acts (Stones, Airplane, Dead, Santana, Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young) who played at Altamont to the 32 Acts that played at Woodstock. Many were unknown until their live performances and are today known as the bands that changed the musical landscape and forever created a place in history for rock n’roll. These Festivals were all about Peace, Love, and Music, but mostly about THE Music. That is what brought out the total live attendance that year in excess of 4 MILLION fans!

SIX First Ballot Hall of Famers; 7/8 Acts are in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame (only Joe Cocker not in and he will be in 2017).

21 TOP TEN HITS out of 32 songs!     500 Million albums sold by these 9 Artists!